Land Rover is planning a new baby SUV

Land Rover is planning to introduce a new baby SUV, which will be called Landy. The car is said to be based on the Evoque platform, along with a sporty style. Sources in Jaguar Land Rover have hinted about the car maker building the new SUV. It is from those very sources we have learnt about the idea about the car being based on the Evoque concept.

The styling of the car is similar to that of the DC100 concept. The company is also planning to trademark the name they have chosen – Landy, for this new modern SUV. It is said that the application of the car was made last month and apart from vehicles it also includes all the accessories, scale models, clothing and even the franchise for dealerships. Though most of the rumors that are heard at the moment hint towards Land Rover actually being serious about the Landy, there are no business cases made yet.

Land Rover DC100 Concept

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