Land Rover Planning an Entry-Level For India

Land Rover is definitely an Indian owned brand so going the homeland-ish is not an unobvious move.

Tatas must have realized the under lying potential of India, after tasting success in China they are very keen to make an entry-level for India. But as of other reports, the smallest Land Rover will too be for the Chinese because those Great Wall-ed neighbors do share similar vibes.

However, clouds are still not clear on this clutch but as learnt from inspirations newbie may take cues from DC 100 and would also help the brand to enter new markets and segments. It will be built in India itself by using local components and mixed expertise from its Chinese partner Chery.

Land Rover Planning an Entry-Level For India
As of now, if Land Rover is serious of pushing new boundaries, then it may also export this entry-level to European markets because there too lies a good amount of vying customers for compact SUV.

We weren’t about to say this but an additional study revealed, the components like platform and gear which Tata and Chery uses for streaking their cheap SUVs, the same will be used for upcoming Land Rover but in plush manner so that standard must go hand in hand with the costs earned for it.

Speculations for 2.0 liter goes on a strong note for this anticipated entry-level.

Must say, Tata really knows how to target its very own Indian audience!

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