Launch of Volkawagen Polo and Vento Breeze editions in India

Following the fantastic response that the limited edition of Volkswagen India’s IPL Vento received, the car makers from Germany have now launched the Breeze editions of their Polo and Vento for accelerating the volumes of sales of these hugely popular cars.

On September 10, 2011, the Breeze Weekend festival was organized by Volkswagen India throughout the country in all of their 77 dealerships. The festival was basically to commemorate launching of their Vento and Polo limited edition models in India.  Referring to these limited-edition vehicles as ‘action models’, Volkswagen believes these will help in contributing to the already voluminous sales figures of the Vento and Polo. It is a known fact that limited-edition models of any vehicles sell faster, but the added incentive provided on these limited-edition variants is that they have been priced exactly the same as the regular versions of this car. In real sense, one ends up paying the same as a normal model of the Vento or the Polo, but at the same time, he/she receives much more features and equipment. So for the buyer it is like getting a double bonus.

Volkawagen Polo in India

The Breeze limited-edition vehicle has been made available across all the variants of the Polo (petrol powered). In addition, Polo Edition of the Breeze has been given an all-new Satellite Navigation system, leather seats, floor mats and nice and comfortable pillows – all of them engraved with the ‘Breeze’ branding. Additionally, there are flashy Breeze stickers on the Rear Parking Distance control as well as the car.

The Breeze edition of the Volkswagen Vento has been equipped with innovative features like a Multimedia Touch Screen Player that has Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. On the inside of the car, there are elaborate pillows that have the ‘Breeze’ branding on them. ‘Breeze’ stickers have also been provided on the car’s exterior. The Volkswagen Vento Breeze edition has been made available to consumers on the ‘Trendline’ version for both the Petrol as well as Diesel models.

Vento Breeze in India

Mr. Neeraj Garg, Member of the Board and CEO, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, for the passenger car group’s India operations, spoke about the introduction of the Breeze editions of the Vento and the Polo. He said that the Company had been delighted at the remarkable response of their customers to their action model, the Vento IPL. This had motivated the Company to come out with the two new action models, The Vento Breeze and the Polo Breeze. Mr. Garg further added that the launch of these two models was also another milestone for the sustained strategy of launching action models in the Indian market by Volkswagen.

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