‘Legends’ edition of Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse launched by Bugatti

Bugatti has planned to give the world a luxurious history lesson. This lesson will be regarding the glorious past of this astounding company, Bugatti. In order to do this, Bugatti has planned a series of 6 exclusive, super limited edition launches. All the 6 cars will be based on its enigmatic open top sports car, Grand Veyron Sport Vitesse. It is called as the ‘Les Legendes de Bugatti’ which means Bugatti Legends and is a great attempt made by Bugatti to connect its past to its present.

These 6 exclusive cars planned by Bugatti are actually tributes to the 6 heroes in Bugatti’s long history. Each model will immortalize one hero from Bugatti’s past. The 1st ‘Legend’ has already been launched by the company and it will pay homage to Jean-Pierre Wimille. He is the man who had emerged victorious at 24 hours of Le Mans twice for Bugatti. This Le Mans star has been the longest serving Bugatti test driver. His first victory was in the year 1937 when he was co driving a 57G Tank with Robert Benoist while his second victory was in the year 1939, co driving the same car with Pierre Veyron this time.

Keeping in mind the Blue colour of the 57G that Wimille drove at Le Mans in the year 1937, this Legend has been given the same colour scheme. Bugatti says that the car “now shines in blue clear-coated carbon fiber and light Wimille Blue paintwork.” The interiors also house a 57G based design which includes colours and materials recreating Wimille’s experience when he was driving the 57G Tank. The car will house the present Vitesse engine which means that it will be powered by a W 16 quad turbo charged 8 liter engine that is capable of producing an output of 1200 PS and a maximum torque of 1498 Nm. This Vitesse will still be the fastest drop top car in the world with a speed of 254 miles per hour.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
Explaining about the car’s designing, chief designer at Bugatti, Achim Anscheidt said that “The materials and colors selected, as well as a host of details, all reference the essential characteristics of the classic models driven by those figures to which our edition pays homage. In each case, this care has resulted in vehicles in which the authenticity of the past is combined with the modern design, the sportive superlative and the luxurious comfort of Bugatti as an icon of the present. With these Bugatti Legends we are giving history a modern makeover.”

New Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

This Wimille legend will be displayed at California Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance which will begin in the start of August this year and also at ‘The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering’ going to be held in Monterey, also in California. The company has not revealed any info regarding the price of this iconic car but I am sure the price will also be “legendary”. What we do know is that this super exclusive car has only 3 units to offer and resources say that all the 3 units have been booked already.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Back

The other 5 super exclusive Legend editions will keep on arriving in the next 12 months to follow. Who will be the next 5 Bugatti heroes to receive such a grand tribute is something that only time will show. We will surely wait for this Vitesse.

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