Lifetime battery warranty for Sonata Hybrids from Hyundai

Sonata hybrid models are all set to rope in customers with the new fabulous offer on the cards. Hyundai Motors have proposed that their customers of the Sonata Hybrid models will get an unlimited lifetime warranty on the battery life.  Although this sounds quite over the top, the news is, however, quite authentic. The car company is all set to launch the hybrid with a warranty statement that assures its customers with a free battery replacement as long as they own the car.  The company would reinstate the car with new batteries once the old ones die down or fail.

It is quite a risky venture for the Hyundai Motors, to propose to give its customers unlimited battery replacement. However the authorities have firm faith in the cars capabilities which has led them to announce such an eye popping offer. With other companies also bringing out their own hybrid models, and the competition only getting tougher, such an offer would surely draw customers and get Hyundai ahead in the race.

Lifetime battery warranty for Sonata Hybrids from Hyundai

Initially the company had promised its Hyundai Sonata hybrid customers a 10 year warranty on the car or a 100,000 miles drive warranty which in itself was quite a pull. Now the company has plans to surge ahead of its competition and has strategically come up with the unlimited battery offer. This will surely pull in a bigger customer base.

There had been a lot of speculation regarding whether such an offer might backfire and cause the company losses given its nature. However Hyundai has showed absolute faith in its strategy and has stated that they have already tested the Hybrids drive train and are quite pleased with the results. The hybrid had been tested by driving more than 300,000 miles and has shown little degradation in its batteries.

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