Audi to launch Q2 this September

With the grand success of the recently launched Q3 model, Audi has been working meticulously with its state of the art, new crossover range, Audi Q2 and is making headway into plans of launching it in September this year. Known for its style and luxury, Audi is making no excepting in raising its bar for this new concept car, Audi Q2.

With news of its crossover modeling, we believe that Q2, being similarin size, would be tough enough to go up against Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman. It is also considered to be slightly similar to the VW sub Tiguan SUV.

Audi to launch Q2 this September

Sportier than its predecessor, Q2 would run based on the ‘high ride’ of the A1 range, making it a powerhouse on wheels with either of the 1.4 liter turbocharged four or the 1.6 liter diesel four. Audi will also be giving people the chance to personalize the car, any way they seem fit. Selecting contract shades for the roof and mirrors along with the interior design of seats with different choice of color for small spaces and the steering wheel, are some of the creative options Audi has opened to the public to make their own special mark on this luxury car.

Q2 will also be getting a slight touch of style from Audi’s Quattro, along with a number of effective and dynamic features that would set Audi Q2 a step above the A1 range. This small, powerful and luxuriously sleek car will arrive at Paris for its grand opening in September, 2012. It has not been decided yetifthis model will make its way into the Indian market.

Knowing the vast and rich market India has to offer, it can be very well predicted that Audi Q2 would make it to India.

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