Luxury car makers on a roll in January 2011

Premium luxury cars don’t have the same sales numbers as much as those in the lower spectrum of the price range. So much so that some of the well known luxury car makers only sell 5,000 units in an entire year. That would be just half of what the Maruti Alto manages to sell in a month. Well, the ball is in BMW’s court now. The luxury car manufacturer has already sold 500 cars in January 2011 and has confirmed about 200 bookings in February. The Bavarian looks to consolidate its position as the numero uno Indian premium luxury car maker. Out of the 500 odd deliveries, the highest number of 271 units was garnered by the BMW 5 series whereas the entry level 3 series raked in 164 units. Others like the 7 series, 6 series, X series, 5 GT and the Z4 brought in 17, 1, 35, 7 and 5 units respectively.

BMW’s celebrations however have been cut short by rival Mercedes Benz India. In January 2011, the German manufacturer registered 640 units which symbolizes a growth percentage of 59%. In the same context, the other German, Audi, registered 480 units in the same period. BMW’s Indian wing President, Dr. Andreas Schaaf was ecstatic about the good fortunes coming their way in the first month of the year and he exclaimed that the company plans to maintain its leadership position in the current fiscal. He also elaborated that the company plans to expand its horizons with various other new offerings as well as new service and retail outlets across India. Lastly he also thanked the Indian customers for the unvarying support and the loyalty towards the brand.

One thought on “Luxury car makers on a roll in January 2011

  1. thnx for telling me that the luxury cars have a slowers sales graph than the normals oher cars…
    I used to think otherwise… because I used to think in terms of money they bring in…

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