Mahindra Arjun Novo Launched In India

Mahindra launched the Arjun Novo tractor in India in two variants, 57HP – 605DI-i & 52HP – 605DI-PS. This new tractor is launched in the replacement of Arjun 605Di. The Indian automaker had priced the 57HP variant for Rs 7.35 lakhs (ex showroom Pune), which is roughly Rs 15000 dearer than its predecessor.

As claimed by Mahindra, new Arjun Novo is the first tractor rolled out from the company based on the higher HP platform, which the Mahindra had created by pumping in Rs 300 crore as investment.

On the technical front, Arjun Novo comes powered by a 4-cylinder engine with inline FIP that sends the aforesaid maximum power at 2100 RPM and had the highest torque of 236.9 Nm. It has 18-speed transmission: 15 for front and 3 for reverse.

Mahindra Arjun Novo Launched In India

Mahindra Tractors with this new Arjun is trying to revolutionize the tractor segment by offering a number of comfort tranquilities like, deluxe seat with 4-way adjustment, car-type combination switch, wraparound headlamps, single button opening for bonnet and option for air-condition in the cabin.

Ousted with most advancement in its category, Arjun Novo can perform other functions too.

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