Mahindra & Mahindra Launches Newly Renamed Verito Sedan

Just yesterday we told you about Mahindra and Mahindra rebranding the Logan as Verito for its new version launch after dropping former partner Renault’s motif. M&M has now launched the new Verito at a revised price. The Verito launched on Tuesday featured few design changes in comparison to the old Logan. It will sell between Rs. 4.82 lakh to Rs. 5.62 lakh, available in both diesel and petrol versions all over India.

Reports quoted Rajesh Jejurikar, Chief Executive of Automotive Division saying that the exclusive value proposition of the Verito aligns with Mahindra’s DNA of providing sporty, rugged and tough vehicles. He also said that this was the first time in history that they were using a social media platform for unveiling their new product which reflects their alternative thinking, adding that the former Logan would carry on receiving spare parts support and complete services from them.

The Verito is an entry level sedan which is still powered by the earlier Renault engine. It however sports new side cladding and ski racks on the exterior. The sedan also boasts of a chrome spoiler at its rear end, new upholstery and new fog lamps. Other specifications continue to be the same as the previous Logan.

The name Verito, derived from Veritas in Latin, means truth. This new sedan continues to remain true to its consumers and itself by providing a unique proposal of performance, mileage and space without compromising on style. According to the company statement, the new sedan also continues to preserve Logan’s famed strength, while bringing in new style by incorporating some key changes.

Mahindra & Mahindra also added that the name Verito goes with the sedan’s overall image as a dependable, sensible and honest car.

2 thoughts on “Mahindra & Mahindra Launches Newly Renamed Verito Sedan

  1. Hi.,
    I have some 500Kms of city running and 3000Kms of highway running hence I have to opt for cng run vehicles. Although I prefer WagonR, Verito at 5 lakhs impressed me but somebody told me that CNG in verito is total failure. Any suggestions. Why Verito is not CNG compatible?
    What shall be next best step..

    1. You may have to check this at the Verito showroom or with the kind of running that you have, a diesel Verito would also make sense, albeit it would be a bit stretching of your budget.

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