Mahindra Reva Among the Top 50 Most Innovative Global Companies

Mahindra Reva is the most occurring name in recent news, its latest development in the field of electric vehicles and other contributions had led it to a global platform.

The new lined-up E2O is much hyped by Indian media houses because it is due to make, good vibes in the automobile industry, and Mahindra’s badge adds a lot of confident to vehicles as shares fine underpinnings of Indian blood.

Recently, the listings of ‘Fast Company’ magazine had balanced Reva on the22nd position among global brands like Nike, Apple, Google and Samsung. Mahindra’s subsidiary is the only Indian on that board; hence it is a significant remark on the notes of a US $15.9 million Mahindra Group. The Fast Company magazine does its assessment on the basis of creativity, real-world impact, risk taking, and execution, where Reva’s new generation E2O EV stance with a unique smart-phone based feature named ‘Emergency Electric Boost’.

Mahindra Reva

Commenting on this awful occasion, Mr. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group said, “Mahindra Reva featuring among the world’s top 50 most innovative companies is a tribute to Chetan Maini and the team at Mahindra Reva. Our vision of the Future of Mobility depends on our ability to harness clean energy not only to power, but also produce a new generation of clean vehicles. Mahindra Reva is a global leader in addressing both these important issues.”

Mr. Chetan Maini who is the Chairman and chief strategist of technological department, shaded under the bright wings of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, said, “It is a matter of honour and great pride to be featured in such a prestigious global list. This recognition is testimony to our unrelenting efforts and contribution to the electric vehicle industry. I would like to thank everyone who supported us on this journey.”

He had also confirmed the continuation of such highly marked innovations in future; concluding to all of them E2O will give in a firsthand experience of the same.

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