Mahindra Reva E20 Slated To Launch In This Month

Mahindra Reva E20 had been readied for a long time but it seems that carmaker is looking for the auspicious moments to roll it out. Government had granted some fringe benefits to those segments, we mean EVs, in last year’s Union Budget, so the same expectations were still being carried off for present duration. Spilling water on our speculation, India’s official machinery now had not raised any extension to it in the recent budget conclusion, must have then clicked by carmaker to give out offerings as soon as possible.

Though March 2013 looks like a good time to do away with the launch because there are some other lined up in the forthcoming period which may ruin carmaker’s future game plan.

More to say on that, Reva E20 is a two-door vehicle enabled enough to house four adults at a time. The single battery charge will make it to run a stretch of 100 kms with top notch at 104 kmph. Power steering and audio system will be the standard part of this electronic package. To make it a user relevant, Mahindra had installed around 100 charging stations in Delhi and Bangalore which may increase to 300-500 in the near future whilst of 30,000 units for yearly sales target.

Mahindra Reva E20

However, an expectation of Rs. 4.5 – Rs. 5.5 lakh exists with our mindset that we think so is a bit pinching on some ‘not so grasping’ Electronic note.

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