Man buys Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to prove eligibility for the purchase of ‘LaFerrari’!

One may find it strange but it’s true that a man in Philippines bought Ferrari to qualify himself for the next Ferrari.

Yes, it had happened the way we said.

As per to the Ferrari dealer in Philippines, one can buy the LaFerrari on a certain condition, and that is he should be the most assorted customer of Ferrari. To claim this exclusivity, the person should posses at least five Ferraris in his garage, and if found lesser than that he may not be considered as the buyer of the latest yet the meanest Prancing horse yet.

Hoping this, the person who bought this F12 Berlinetta for 32.9 million pesos (approximately 753,000 USD) was having four of the Italian bug in his garage but due to the shortage of one he wasn’t able to qualify for the LaFerrari. Hence, he decided to make the purchase of Berlinetta, so that the Italian can consider him to the owner list of their latest offering.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Well, the Maranello based organization is tempted to make only 499 sample of LaFerrari, so shelling out the additional 753,000 USD for it which was not required seems negligible, isn’t it!

Courtesy: TopGear Philippines

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