Maruti Eeco Fun Station with a tent on the roof, perfect for Outdoors

Finally an MUV from Maruti Suzuki India and it seems to be a perfect addition in the MUV segment since none of the MUV in India has a tent on the roof which could be rolled out wherever you want to sit in the shade. Surprising, it is, for many who may have expected something like this from a caravan but not from Maruti. This concept vehicle was showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. It attracted a lot of crowd as well as a lot of critical reviews from the automobile critics. It is basically an entry level passenger vehicle, which has been upgraded by putting in some good body kits and yes, not to forget, the tent on the roof.

Maruti Eeco Fun Station with a tent on the roof, perfect for Outdoors

It has a 1196cc MPFi petrol engine, which gives 73 Bhp at 6000 rpm. The maximum Torque is 101 Nm at 3000 rpm. The alloy wheels finished in black with a body kit with a finish in carbon fiber color is very attractive. The rear has got more room because the seats in the rear has been set way back which has given a larger leg room for the passengers sitting there. Some high end entertainment and gadgets have been also introduced in this vehicle. There is a 19-inch LCD monitor exactly behind the front seats so the passengers canhave some entertainment on the move.A camera has been fitted to the rear to help the driver find the right parking spot without having to peek outside the window.

The car can accommodate five passengers and comes with air-conditioning without any kind of climatic control. It moves pretty quick even with an 1196cc engine as its kerb weight is a mere 928 kg.Even if we add a full 40 liter fuel tank to it, the weight does not go up too much. So now, if we compare it to Maruti Omni, Maruti Versa, Maruti Eeco which is its nearest similar model, we would find it more convenient in terms of leg room for the passengers in rear more entertainment and security because of the latest gadgets fitted into it,stylish for the alloy and relaxing for the tent rolled up in the roof. This wonderful package comes for an additional Rs.30,000 over the Maruti Eeco.

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