Maruti Strike Continues As Talks Fail

Production at the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki continued to be affected as the talks between the labour department of Haryana, workers and management did not make any headway. The Maruti strike yesterday reached its tenth day.

According to sources from the company, the management agreed towards the second union’s formation, however without affiliation. The main discussion was regarding the demands of the workers to reinstate the eleven fired employees.

According to union sources, however, the company went back on their stand regarding recognizing their new union. In the meantime, the 2,000 striking workers at Maruti’s Manesar plant are still camped in the premises of the factory.

A Sr. labour consultant said referring to the workers who are striking inside the factory, that it was a case of gross misconduct and trespassing.

The National Secretary of AITUC, Amarjeet Kaur, said that the morale is very high. The striking workers are skilled, young pass-outs from the Industrial Training Institutes, and they want to be taken care of with dignity.

Meanwhile, the unions of around 45 to 50 factories in the area of Gurgaon-Manesar had gate meetings for expressing their solidarity with the Maruti striking colleagues. The unions intend to undertake a tool-down two-hour strike today.

Maruti Suzuki is estimated to incur a production loss of 8,600 cars as of Monday, with a total revenue loss of around INR 300 crore. In the past ten days, the shares of the company fell by 0.5%, closing at INR 1,227.6 per share.

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