Maruti workers strike has attracted the attention of Labor Ministry

Inspite of assurances and High Court orders that the strike at Maruti’s Manesar and Gurgaon plants be stopped with immediate effect, the labourers are in no mood to listen. With the issue still unresolved, the strike has reached its second week with instances of violence creeping in and stuff. This strike has attracted the attention of even the Labor Ministry with Labor Minister Mallikarjun Kharge monitoring the strike now.

There were certain reports which said that the Labor Minister was actually evaluating the situation and also there has been a special team which has been deployed for the same. It is also mentioned in those reports that the Labor Ministry wouldn’t interfere in this process as long as the State Ministry is able to handle this issue. But then if the State Ministry is unable to resolve the issue or even seeks the help of the Labor Ministry, then they would certainly help.

Maruti workers strike has attracted the attention of Labor Ministry

Not only the workers at Maruti’s plants but also the workers at parent company Suzuki’s factories in India are also on strike now. This has affected the production of Suzuki bikes as also their powertrain units in India. The striking workers are demanding the reinstatement of their colleagues who had been suspended from work earlier by the Maruti Suzuki coalition.

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