Maserati Partners With Airbus

Maserati in a league to bow the world some exclusive Italian engineering in the luxurious form and also to reach deeper towards its said sales target for the coming years, a one more handshake has came into the light which will transform the carmaker to a one of the leading automobile apparently in the coming time.

As we all dream of our cars to be engulfed with the class-leading technology and obviously most of them come from the aviation industry only, proceeding on this mindset the Modena based carmaker has joined hands with aviations’ best, “Airbus” for sourcing the technologies to the automotive industry.

Maserati Partners With Airbus

There aren’t concise details of the areas which Fiat-owned carmaker will work over the aeronautics. But speculations comment it to be centering the attention near to lightweight materials and metals used.

Hence, the outcomes can be shortly seen with the unveiling of Alfieri production version which will hit the showrooms in 2016 and rounding off the Porsche 911 as well as Jaguar F-Type.

Airbus has inked the deal with Maserati under the title of Technology Transfer Framework. The said program allows organization to share the know-how of aeronautics by tying up with the potential companies outside the industry, where the Trident logoed carmaker is been proven a one. The same may also extend Airbus in achieve the economies of scale by further making the tech reach widely.

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