Reasons To Buy Tata Bolt Hatchback

Tata Motors is playing all the aces right these days with the cars like Zest marking bonking number on the sales chart, where a number of models still remained in the development to be rolled out soon. The next entry from this Indian carmaker to the market will be the new hatchback called ‘Bolt’, yes the same that was seen at Delhi Auto Expo 2014, is about to be launched during the early days of 2015.

However, Bolt is expected to mark a new inning of Tata Motors. On the segmentation, we must be positive as with the Zest company lighted up the shelf nicely and adorned number of walk-ins to the showroom. Mentioned here, are the reasons jolted just before the launch of Bolt categorized to see whether the car will tightly bolt down the equations expected from audience. Read on to find more…

Tata Bolt


Tata Bolt will be a lot different than the Zest, we mean by the sense of dimensions. Comparatively, the hatchback loses oodles of chubs, but not to worry as there aren’t amendments or compromises made over the seating space inside. The width and other such angles are shortened but the wheelbase remained same which resulted into the more room for rear passenger. Certainly, the buyers may have to adjust with the shrugged boot-space of 210 litres.


After a fun-filled exterior sight, the interior doesn’t disappoint either. On the pilot seat, or particularly at the front, dashboard is carried over from Zest but it begs to differs with the black shade that than that of the dual-tone combination. Central console gets assisted by the silver strip on both the sides whereas the features list is quite exciting for top-end trim buyers. 2-DIN music system with Bluetooth, AUX and USB comparability and MapMyIndia navigation system that can be connected to the Android phone spruces up the purchasing factor.

Engine and AMT

Under the bonnet, story is as same as the Zest. Machines like turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol produces a whopping 90PS of max power and 140Nm of peak torque. The diesel is concluded by a 1.3-litre engine pumping out 75PS power and 190Nm of peak torque. Both of them will come mated to a five-speed manual gearbox for now.

There aren’t plans for the automaker to roll-out an AMT version sooner. The reason is, there is already the same unit doing its part on the Zest and shortage of those gearboxes will cramp disappointment amongst the buyers over the trundled waiting period for the said variant. Hence, earlier at the unveiling in Delhi Expo, AMT wasn’t a part of the Tata’s plan but appropriately it did launch the Zest AMT looking to the surging demand. Then, company doesn’t wish to miss out the numbers from Bolt AMT as well.


Pinned underneath is the same chassis of Vista which is doused with nothing so attractive but except the shortest turning radius. Engineers are reported to have improved it a lot, which can be experienced only after test-drive, but the suspension setting is tweaked for a pliant and planted ride. In comparison to the Zest, Bolt offers a stiffer suspension setup which offers it to garner better drivability on the corners.

Price and Launch

As said above the launch is expected to happen during the early days of 2015 with petrol and diesel both. Hence, there isn’t AMT version reported yet. To be specific for the price, just as the segmentation followed with the Zest, Tata is speculated to choose a right corner for the Bolt too, expecting to see starting price of Rs 4 lakh.

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