McLaren 650S GT3 Revealed

McLaren 650S Special Edition was the one that was revealed yesterday to make the most of the sales, specifically in 50 numbers. Now scrutinized to a lesser figure the McLaren 650S GT3 is revealed, costs £330,000 before tax and is limited to 15 units only!

However, there are not many differences between the GT3 version and the road going 650S. It is based on the same carbon fibre MonoCell chassis, but is lowered to get that azure of GT. The other changes can be termed as a massive big rear wing, revised air vents, new lightweight carbon fibre bodywork and a retuned engine to match the regulations of FIA. Sending the power from 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 that is now slated to produce 493bhp i.e. 148bhp lesser than the standard version. More of the attentions are lend to making the car lighter than before. The aluminium wheels with new braking system to keep the things in the same lane. Moreover, there are other changes too, and it can be noticed in the list below:


  • McLaren carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminum front and rear sub frames
  • Bespoke lightweight carbon fibre/composite body panels
  • Left hand drive
  • FIA approved safety roll cage
  • Air-jacking system
  • Colour – customer choice

McLaren 650S GT3 revealed


  • Front splitter and dive planes
  • Rear wing – fully adjustable with gurney
  • Front and rear diffusers


  • Race prepared 3.8L V8 twin turbo McLaren M838T
  • McLaren Electronics ECU incorporating turbo boost and transmission shift control


  • Six-speed sequential motorsport transmission pneumatically actuated via steering wheel mounted paddles

Electrical System

  • Lightweight motorsport specification wiring and connectors
  • Electronic power management system
  • Membrane type switch panel
  • Auxiliary power supplies for fitment of team equipment (radio etc)

New McLaren 650S GT3 revealed

Data System

  • McLaren Electronics ‘ATLAS’ data system
  • Motorsport digital dash display

Front/Rear Suspension

  • Double wishbone adjustable for ride height, camber and toe
  • 4-way adjustable dampers with coil over springs
  • Motorsport axles with single wheel retaining nut
  • Adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Forged aluminium wheels: Front 12.5” x 18”, Rear 13” x 18”


  • Electro-hydraulic power assisted steering
  • Unique McLaren GT composite steering wheel incorporating key driver switch controls and map settings

Fuel System

  • Motorsport ‘bag tank’ system with 125L capacity
  • Motorsport ‘quick-fill’ system

Brake System

  • Monoblock calipers with ventilated discs:
  • Front – 6 piston caliper, 380Ø x 35mm disc
    Rear – 4 piston caliper, 355Ø x 32mm disc
  • Bosch motorsport ABS
  • Adjustable brake bias

McLaren 650S GT3 Back View


    • McLaren GT bespoke composite seat shell
    • Six-point racing harness
    • Motorsport pedal box – adjustable position
    • Lightweight carbon fibre dash with integrated driver display and switch panel
    • Motorsport fire extinguisher system

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