McLaren all set for its 50th Anniversary celebration

The UK based auto maker, McLaren, has revealed its plans for celebration of its 50th anniversary on 2nd of September 2013. The company was started back in 1963 with the name of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. The company will be including its 5o year logo in every product and product lineup including MP4-28 Formula 1 and also on the merchandises like shirts and t-shirts to celebrate its heredity. The new FYI MP4-28 is all set for its debut on 31st of January.

The company is all set to make this event big. It says that the McLaren 50 logo will be incorporated in their team shirts, special video footage, and even along with the launch of the new MP4-28 Formula 1 car. It further said that every turn, every road, every corner they will be making will be an opportunity to showcase the heritage of McLaren’s 50 year of legacy.

McLaren Marks Its 50th Anniversary In 2013
CBE, Executive Chairman of McLaren group and McLaren automotive said that McLaren’s history is long and documented but its legacy is hard to define, that’s because it is written every day, every moment and is dedicated to the men and women who worked together to bring McLaren to this spot.

Bruce McLaren is the beginning of the story and it has continued from there and will continue till years to come.

McLaren to celebrate 50th anniversary

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