McLaren P1 to Debut in UAE Soon

After getting enough on the scorching racetracks now McLaren decided to prove itself in the production spec as well.

As taking the blueprints forward with its fully developed P1, McLaren is about to sell only 500-limited masterpieces. So to get in the actual evaluators, production spec was made to do rounds on Bahrain International Track.

P1 excitement isn’t limited to that, so its makers are now going to UAE for more spectators, as confirmed by Mark Harrison, McLaren Automotive regional director for the Middle East & Africa in his statement conveying, “After a successful launch in Bahrain, we are very excited to be bringing the McLaren P1 to the United Arab Emirates.”

This production specific sports star has not revealed any technical details but we expect it to be embedded with 720 horsepower being distributed in power-to-weight ratio of over 600bhp per tonne.

McLaren P1

P1 will be using hybrid technology for unleashing its core power.

We had already reported that, McLaren’s interior is mostly made up of carbon fiber which had tremendously reduced its weight; as that was also necessary for gaining some phenomenal speedy figures. Apart from the core sports underpinnings, the car too will be equipped with satellite navigation system, climate control and a good sound system to keep the pilots on cool peak even at hot mercury markings.

2013 Geneva Motor Show will be its debut platform under limelight.

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