McLaren Reveals Interiors of P1

P1 was much in talks because of McLaren’s myth that made victory on the race tracks, which will now be followed in production spec. Though, it was already sold out without divulging any tech-specifications, now it fortified us with some cool images of interiors.

The interior looks like to that of a true sports car rather than a luxury one, after all McLaren knows better than us what is suitable for such mean machines to gain speed. As seen in the frames, British carmaker had employed carbon fiber to go subtle with dashboard, while instrument panel is also not been draped in flesh of resin as that would have increased the weight by 1.5 kg on the whole kerb.

Moving on to seats, one has to comply with just a plank of leather, that is being wrapped around the carbon fiber shells using very rare of amount of foam. Calculating the figures, McLaren P1 seats settles at 10.5kg i.e. five times lesser than the luxury clamps.

McLaren P1 Interior

Adding sports to some other component, no soundproofing and floor mats is done with this newbie, but has given a nice floating dashboard along with glass roof to feel cool and airy even in the scorching heat of speedometer flicks.

McLaren Reveals interior of P1

Thus we are wondering that, how Arabs will be able to comply with such minimal comfort, as they are very much addicted to ‘niche luxury’ sports automobiles, as being P1 was seen grunting on the Bahrain International Circuit too.

McLaren P1 interior Revealed

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