McLaren to showcase 650S at the Geneva Motor Show

McLaren is going to introduce its new groundbreaking supercar, the 650S, at the 84th Geneva Motor Show. This is the latest addition of the company and it is said that it is clearly more than just a sports car.

For all car enthusiasts in the market, McLaren is offering this well developed and well designed luxurious car. It is said that the McLaren 650S has been competing on the highest level of motorsport for over 50 years now and the latest edition is a result of experience they have gained over these years. The car has been beautifully designed to attract attention.

On the McLaren Automotive supercar grid the 650S has been placed between two. This latest addition learns a lot from the McLaren P1 and 12C. Currently, McLaren has the MP4-12C Spyder versions and the coupe versions in the market. Once the new car is introduced, the company will have a total of three cars in the market. Formula 1 and McLaren always work in tandem as there has always been some connection between the two.

McLaren 650S
The new 650S is also expected to have some connection with Formula 1. In order to expand their market, McLaren has already entered the Thai and the Chinese market. It is also said that the British car manufacturer is considering the possibility of coming to India, though it would not happen before 2015. As a result of all these measures taken up by the company, McLaren has not only managed to increase its production capacity, but also reach out to a number of new markets.

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