McLaren unveils P1 Hybrid Supercar

A masterpiece sculpted from carbon fiber, in glittering racy yellow set off, harsh marked slate grey, the McLaren P1 is a racetrack figure booking superiority for class and emissions under 200 gram per kilometer compared to 300 gram/km from other super cars without hybrid.

As per the director Paul Mckenzie the Hybrid technology performance advances because the electric engine fills the gap before the turn kicks in. Though it is a little effect, but then everything counts in supercars.

The P1 does a O-180 mph (0-300 mph) in just under 17 seconds. With only 378 in the production line, the price tag is put at $1.3 million. The McLaren P1 was to be showcased on the Press day at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday 5 March 2013.

McLaren unveil hybrid supercars

The time has gone when hybrids were just for fuel economy. On Tuesday Mclaren unveiled its sleek Hybrid Supercar at the motor show. The new McLaren P1 was displayed in world press on March 5 at the Geneva show, opening its doors under a dark cloud of no sign ups of a speedy rebound in sight for the troubled European market.

McLaren P1 Back View

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