Mercedes-AMG GT Teased: The Sporting Sensation

The launch of Porsche 911-rivalling Mercedes-AMG GT continues to be drawn out, now that Mercedes has released website for the car featuring a video and this very dark photo. Set to be revealed this fall, the automaker says the model will be ‘what you get when driving performance is more than just a phrase’. The video goes on to say ‘This is what you get’ when a company unleashes its engineering and creative forces to combine the absolute best of all it has done into a single, monumental, unwavering engineering achievement.

Here’ what we already know: it will be given a convoluted name, as we found last month in New York. We also found out, it will have an interior, based on the images we also saw last month. The Mercedes-AMG GT microsite that just went live doesn’t get much more explicit. There’s a high resolution teaser photo front and center, and we weren’t able to extract much info from the shadows.

Mercedes-AMG GT Teased

More tantalizing but vague information is scheduled to appear on the site over the coming months. A segment titled “Dynamics” is set to go live in June, followed by “Performance” in July and “Design” in August. And speaking of design, the GT shares its short-deck/long-hood proportions with the gullwinged SLS AMG, but the supposed Porsche 911-fighter appears to be smaller — and its doors get traditional front hinges.

Mercedes-AMG GT interiors

A short, fast-paced film clip also fails to show much of the car, but it does seem to suggest its strengths as a close-quarters handler, designed and engineered for providing a “daily sports driving experience,” in the words of Mercedes-AMG.

Mercedes-AMG GT

We do wish that Mercedes-AMG would just get it over with and pull the wraps off the GT sooner rather than later, but meanwhile, check out that dedicated microsite and stay tuned for updates.

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