Mercedes Benz A Class To Hit the Markets in September

The latest goal for Mercedes Benz, German luxury car manufacturer, is the C section of the upper level and to attain this, the well known firm is delivering a conventional hatchback replica in the shape of pristine A-Class.

The company has already begun taking orders in the European market for this vehicle.

Moreover, the received orders will be fulfilled by the month of September 2012.

The novel creation of the Mercedes Benz A Class was primarily disclosed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which took place in the month of March and ever since, the traits and cost details have been obtainable.

Mercedes Benz A Class To Hit the Markets in September

Apart from this information, a few pictures and video recordings have also been made accessible to the people on the web.

The reports said that the Mercedes Benz A Class is the largest competitor of the BMW 1-series in addition to the Volvo V40.

The new model flashes a price label of approximately $30,000 or around Rs.16.50 lakh.

This newly launched 5 door hatchback has been shot from all viewpoints from both within and outside and a new compilation of 148 hi-definition pictures have been unwrapped in the market.

The 3 diesel engine alternatives expectedly catering the exciting car boot out power stuck between 107bhp and 134bhp.

In contrast, the car’s petrol version will be powered by any of the three four-cylinder engine, which can fabricate power between 121bhp or 122PS and 208bhp or 211PS.

Mercedes Benz is once more positive that it would attain the pole position in this segment in the coming time. Since its entry in the country’s auto market in the year 1995, Mercedes Benz A Class kept the number one place for many years thus far as sales are related.

Mercedes Benz, in order to lift up the sales volumes, has intentions of boosting the vehicle portfolio in the Indian market.

During 2012-13, the company, keeping along the lines of its plans of boosting the line up, will bring in new luxury cars, which will increase its sales and help the company foray into this new market segment.

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