Mercedes-Benz and Tesla to partner electric vehicle

Tesla is set to build an electric vehicle for Mercedes-Benz. This un-named electric Mercedes-Benz will be powered by a full set of power-train provided by Tesla including, a motor, transmission, inverter and all additional software to guide the vehicle. The company will begin investing into the plan by the second quarter of this year; however, there is no information about the production timings or volume yet.

The two automakers are not strangers. Daimler is already an investor in Tesla and uses Tesla battery packs for the low production Smart Ed. Mercedes mesmerized everyone at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show with the unveiling of B-Class E-Cell Plus. This electric smart car was powered by lithium-ion battery, which was a collaboration of Daimler and Evonik, however, there are chances the German automaker has changed course on the five-door.

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla to partner electric vehicle
We bought you the news of Tesla Model-X unveiling at Los Angeles last week. And now after the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, things seem to be falling in place for Tesla.

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