Mercedes Benz B-Class sells over a million

The Mercedes Benz B-Class had been first launched in the year 2005. The company has managed to deliver over 1 million cars to its customers worldwide with respect to its B-Class specifically. The car is seen to have done exceptionally well in the German market and still seems to hold the same pattern of growing demands. The B-Class has lived up to the expectations of the company in the compact MPV segment by being the market leader for a considerable period of time. It was seen that around thirty percent of the customers who have now bought the B-Class, earlier used to drive cars of a different brand. Germany has turned out to show the best response for Mercedes Benz. China is the second biggest market for the B-Class as per the statistics of the company.

The car is a unique combination of driving dynamics, sporty design and unparallel comfort. The car has become popular as a result of these features being integrated in a single car. One of the most surprising facts for the company has been that the B-Class has attracted customers of different categories varying from children, senior citizens to even families.

Mercedes Benz B-Class

The car is available with the option of both diesel and petrol engines. The 2.2-litre diesel engine produces a power of up to 107bhp with a maximum torque of 230Nm. While on the other hand, the 1.6-litre petrol engine is capable of producing a power of up to 120bhp and maximum torque of 200Nm. Mercedes Benz is expected to launch two alternatives of the car by 2014. The B-Class, 200 Gas Drive, which is available in Europe, is car which is cost effective as well as fuel-efficient to run.

Mercedes Benz B-Class Back View

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