Mercedes Benz C Class Celebration Edition leaked before launch

Mercedes-Benz announced to roll out the C-Class Celebration Edition on 12th Nov’13 on order to celebrate the 10million C-Class on roads throughout the globe. Hence, the spies (at BS Motoring) out there in the industry seem quite faster than the lighting. To their job, they have just dug out the C-Class Celebration Edition in the clear images, which is probably telling us the aspiring story of why three pointed Star is aggressive in launching this special bug.

For the competitive grace, we thank Mercedes-Benz for not just making the Celebration Edition an makeover of just decals and paint job. But yet, this youngest Star of the repertoire is given an AMG-type of kit on the front, which means there would be some technical enhancements too under the hoods. Though, if admired gravely then the headlamps are also new, in the smoky form.

The Celebration Edition C-Class also boasts Plus Sports package in addition to the AMG kit.

Mercedes Benz C Class Celebration Edition

Hence, a reduction in weight and better fuel efficiency are the warm regards that this new vehicles is expected to deliver us. Better driving ergonomics is also been an expectation to the just mentioned regards from the vehicle.

Hopefully, the displayed car is the C220 CDI model of the regular C-class badge which is wearing the ‘Celebration’ badge. We argue that the interiors will also come with some added goodies and special touches to mark the prominence of 10 million C-Class running on the global roads. Alacantara touches on the doors and seats, complemented by blue stitches on the seats and colored LED display are the tweaks which are visible in the images given to us.

Engine will remain the same to what it is of now, churning out 170 horses and 40.8kgm of torque. We bet the Germans will ask for more than the tag of Rs. 33.88 lakh for ongoing C-Class.

Following are the highlights of the C-Class Celebration Edition:

  • C220 CDI model plate of Plus Sports package to be dwelled in the C-Class Celebration edition
  • An AMG kit to mark the prominence cosmetically
  • New styling bumpers, side skirting and smoked headlamps to complement the celebration further
  • Sparkling 17 inch alloys with 5 spoke
  • Alacantara touches on the inside on the doors and seats
  • Blue stitching on the seats
  • Colored LED display

Courtesy: BS Motoring

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