Mercedes Benz C-Class to get upgrades in 2013 model year

Recent reports suggest that the German automaker Mercedes Benz has been working on its C-Class domain. The compact executive car’s is supposed to be changed in the model year 2013. Word is, more economical engine has been introduced in saloon and estate, rather than the 3.5L V6 petrol engine (which still exists in Coupe).

As far as the C180 BlueEfficiency models are concerned, a 1.6L DI petrol turbo unit is being fitted. The engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 154bhp. If just mileage is taken into account, then the figures are 47.9mpg for saloon and estate and 44.1mpg for Coupe. On the other hand, CO2 emission levels are 138g/km, 139g/km and 149g/km for the aforesaid respective variants.

Revision in trim levels too has been introduced by the German automaker in the C-Class. Now the entry-level vehicles will start from Executive SC. One can now achieve much like Elegance effect by shelling out 2000 GBP on optional Luxury Package for the Executive SE. Another revision has been introduced in the Sport trim level for saloon and estate line-ups. Now Sport will be replaced by AMG Sport (cheaper than Sport), and AMG Sport Plus (costlier than Sport).

Mercedes Benz  C Class to get upgrades in 2013 model year

Unlike other variants, the Coupe is available in AMG Sport Plus too, despite having AMG Sport level. With an extra cash of 1000 GBP, one can easily get his Coupe styled.

New color additions, repositioned cruise control & indicator stalks too have been introduced in the segment. Moreover, the telematics screen too gets better-revised graphics. The in cars and telematics is being reporteyd to have got COMAND system too. In case there’s an emergency, the eCall system has been added to intimidate the nearest call center about the position of the car.

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