Mercedes-Benz Considering Audi TT Rival

If Audi TT is the only car that hits maximum likes when posted on Facebook, then why not build a rival to it, recounts Mercedes-Benz via its rumoured intention of building a new vehicle for the segment.

The 2+2 seating arrangement is a bit tad for the occupants of TT to occupy the cabin space with complete peace. But it is most relishing part of the package at least the owner will not leave friends stranded for a chauffeur drive while heading the party/coffee shop just yards away.

As confronted by a source, Mercedes-Benz is in the league to develop a rival to Audi TT based on its new front-wheel platform. As far the information is grown, it was pretty much clear, the Benz’s offering too will remain capable of 2+2 capacity with designing borrowed from AMG GT. As seen the Star logoed carmaker too had several options from the small categories like A and CLA-Class, where the B and GLA-Class too cannot remain an exception. Adding this newbie will surely add more spunk to their so-called ‘youthful’ repertoire.

Mercedes-Benz Considering Audi TT Rival

However, it is habitual for the AMG to barge into every lineup and nudge its speculation of performance in each of them. So, going by the rumours till here, we too can safely say AMG is also on cards where the 2.0-litre four-cylinder may make way for the 400bhp. A coupe and convertible both are likely to take care of the remaining buyers in the cadre. A liftback roof is also another trick what one can expect on seeing the Benz’s TT rival in reality.

Mercedes-Benz Considering Audi TT Rival
Hence, it’s not only the Audi TT to fall in its zone, but we believe the BMW 2-Series too is on its hitlist.

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