Mercedes Benz E-class Hybrid Car Range Unveiled

The veil is off from the latest E-class Hybrid car range from Mercedes Benz. The manufacturer of luxury cars from Germany has officially launched this range of cars at the Motor Show in Detroit. These cars are expected to start a new era in the history of cars made by Mercedes Benz. This particularly holds great significance with its E-class line up getting extended by the latest Hybrid powertrain. Information pertaining to two of these models has been disclosed by the car maker from Germany. These are the Hybrid petrol E 400 and the Hybrid Diesel E300 BlueTEC.

Mercedes Benz E-class Hybrid Car Range UnveiledAs per the information disclosed, the Hybrid Diesel E300 BlueTEC is going to be powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine. This is going to achieve a maximum power of 205 PS along with a peak torque of 500Nm. It has also been combined with an electric motor that produces power of 20kW and torque 200Nm. The diesel Hybrid is going to achieve a significant fuel economy with an expected mileage of 23km/liter.

On the other hand, the Hybrid petrol E 400 is powered by its V6 engine, which has the capacity to produce maximum power of 310PS and also achieve a peak torque of 350Nm. This engine has also been mated with the same electric motor as the diesel variant, which is capable of producing power of 20kW and torque 200Nm. The fuel economy of this vehicle is also expected to grow as a result of the same.

Mercedes Benz E-class Hybrid Car Range UnveiledThe electric propulsion has been integrated into the two cars in such an efficient manner that there has been no compromise done to the safety and space related factors of these vehicles as compared to the conventional E-class vehicles of the manufacturer. The German auto maker also claims that this latest Hybrid would significantly bring down the Engine noise and also additionally offer a comfortable Start/Stop feature. The Hybrid vehicles have been provided with the option of being upgraded and hence can be easily implemented across the complete range of Mercedes Benz cars. Hence, experts are of the opinion that this Hybrid powertrain will be soon seen across other vehicles coming from the stables of Mercedes Benz. As far as the latest E-class Hybrid variants are concerned, these cars are expected in the European and American markets in the year 2012, following which they are going to be moved into the other emerging markets, including India.

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