Mercedes Benz Flags-Off Advanced Driving Programme in India

Germans are known for their leading innovations in automotive industry, and the process they follow is ‘step by step’, hence Mercedes Benz also falls in that same category. But over here we are not going to discuss something called an “invention story” or so but wanted to confess, Mercedes who had opened the AMG Driving Academy last year in India, and had also received overwhelming response for same, now inaugurated “Advanced Driving Programme” at BIC, a next level to the only and existing course of ‘Basic Training Programme’ in its schedule.

Initial programme focused on the aspects like techniques of safety, confident reaction under extreme condition, and many other small bits helping to get started with metal on tracks, but latter proportions is said to be telling the tale of high speed cornering skills, handling skills and so on. Just said to be prepared “mentally” if want to get there, because Germans are very much precise about their rules and outlines, making a mistake may cost you heavy on the part, maybe one may feel like those charms of old school times where learning with the fear of cane or foot-rule was an essential still, after all Merc too will be training its participants in AMG, all engulfed with V8 engine in the bay, so those completely dedicated etiquettes does matters a lot.

Mercedes Benz Advanced Driving Programme

Smacking on mouth, C63, E63 and the most lavishing SLS AMG will pamper learners out there in the scorching sun, isn’t its mouth watering!

Needless to say, Mercedes is an exclusive brand, henceforth the pricing too slates in same way for their vehicle, one must not forget to buck up Rs. 1 lakh in their pockets for paying their course fees, well the first two day modules are already sold out, so if you are too keen for some sort of extreme adrenaline rush then don’t waste a moment.

Mercedes Benz AMG Driving

Speaking about the new level of AMG Driving Academy, Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “It is a proud moment for all of us in announcing the introduction of the Advanced level of this highly successful programme, and our AMG Driving Academy has been a stepping stone to fulfill the long cherished dream of racing and taking it up as a profession with the help of a systematic module.”

To an extent Mr. Kern also added, ‘racing is a state of mind’ and Mercedes Benz is very much passionate about their untamed legacy in motorsports.

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