Mercedes-Benz G-Class Chinese Copy Beiqi BJ80 Debuts Officially at Beijing Auto Show

Those who wish to buy a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but wanted to have a Hummer and a sort of Jeep mixed in it, they can surely head to China. The local automaker of China Beiqi, actually BAIC Group, who have been in a relationship with Daimler AG for quite a few years now, had officially rolled out an off-roader called Beiqi BJ80, which has the sides and body of a G-Class but the front fascia resembled to Jeep and Hummer, debuted at the Beijing Motor Show 2014.

Beiqi BJ80 is a truly G-Class on all the sides, under the hoods lays a V8, apparently from Audi.

However, we aren’t confirmed about its technical specifications, but are confirmed of it to be very much ambitious in delivering the aspirations.

Beiqi BJ80

Price too is not announced, nor even reported when it is going to arrive at the showrooms.

Though, it remains clear the Beiqi BJ80 may be rolled off from the production line with prior permission from the parent group, Daimler. Otherwise, roving such a big beast in an auto show despite having some relation with the Merc would sure footedly made them to land behind bars.

Hence, we wonder what it prices would be, because we are bored of seeing the local G-Class i.e. Tata Sumo. Hopefully Beiqi BJ80 could do havoc if rolled out here, and there too isn’t any trace of Jeep when it is going to be launched. Till then it can do all the job, conditions apply that it should have diesel version!

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