Mercedes-Benz GLA vs BMW X1 vs Audi Q3 vs Volvo V40 Cross Country: Specifications Comparison

Mercedes-Benz GLA has franked all over the brouhaha with an image of a poster-boy for festive season. Soon to be packed in kits rivaling a major yet very lucrative segment in the luxury market – compact SUVs; GLA isn’t meant catered to the SUV repertoire at all. At least it could be said on the aesthetic appearance. Under the sheets, it is a crossover based on the hatchback’s A-Class platform raised in height by a mere investment for maximum output.

Here, in this comparison, Mercedes-Benz GLA is pegged against the BMW X1, Volvo V40 Cross Country and Audi Q3. At the time of writing this post, all the rest were available in diesel variant only, with no petrol model at all. The Benz’s offering is only the one to admire gasoline buyers that may remain its USP over a certain extent.

Engine options under the hoods GLA will have are, 2.0L petrol and 2.2L diesel.

Mercedes-Benz GLA vs BMW X1 vs Audi Q3 vs Volvo V40 Cross Country : Specifications Comparison

The 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged motor develops 181bhp and 300Nm of torque. The diesel version lifted from C and E Class delivers 134bhp and 300Nm. Here, the company hadn’t intended of bringing an AWD version, instead will be doing only over front-wheel traction for a long time at least.

The Audi Q3 dwells out bullishness underneath a four-cylinder 1968cc turbocharged motor. The baby Four-Ringed is tuned in two states, a 138bhp and 320Nm for the base version married to a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 174bhp with 380Nm coupled to 7-speed automatic having a Quattro permanent four-wheel drive system as standard. The lower-spec is rolled-out recently to get over the reign of low-cost luxury segment lying unfed for significantly long.

BMW X1 motivated by a four-cylinder, 1995cc turbocharged diesel engine of 181bhp and 380Nm of torque mated to eight-speed automatic. Here, no all-wheel drive option available, the force is driven only to rear wheels.

Swedish with V40 Cross Country has laid out the aspirated SUV with a 1984cc “five-cylinder” turbocharged diesel engine producing 150bhp and 350Nm of torque. A 6-speed manual gearbox is mated to the front-wheel drive system.

If the sizing matters, it’s BMW that wins over the rest with a daunting wheelbase of 2760mm. The Merc just fell shorter by a nip measuring at 2699mm. Volvo remains quite decent to have distance of 2646mm in that gap, whereas Audi is believed to be more of a coupe structure in compilation to SUV – so its stretch between the wheels is admirable at 2603mm.

Lengthwise, X1 fares one again the best with 4454mm, while the GLA stands next to it with 4417mm, followed by Q3 at 4385mm and Volvo V40 with 4370mm.

In the width, BMW has fallen to the ground straight from top. The 1798mm height has fiercely lashed it out by Volvo V40 who sits widest at 1857mm. Second to it is Audi Q3 with 1831mm and GLA on third at 1804mm.

In the height, it’s where the Audi at least manage to score the best out of all at 1608mm. Hereto, the BMW X1 follows at 1545mm, and while the GLA saved its grace to be ducked down measuring 1494 mm from ground to roof. Volvo pigments at bottom of pinnacle at 1473mm.

Though, the drive reports of other compact SUVs are out in the market, but GLA is still meant to be experienced. Hopefully, on paper, not that true SUV in the sense with front-wheel drive layout and low power output from a comparatively bigger engine. Mercedes shall think over before bringing it to the market. For sure, the purists may not adore, instead the family-driven audience would opt because of its better aesthetics and latest yet chic design appeal of Benz.

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