Mercedes Benz GLA with Taxi Sign on Roof, Spied at Nurburgring

Mercedes Benz GLA is already in the hit-list of media, and we the correspondents leave no rooms for it to escape the spying eyes of our (spy) reporters. And this time again, the GLA is spied testing too, but there lays a slight difference to it than the previously spotted test mules. Nothing that big, it is the “Taxi sign” which is mounted on the roof of GLA making us to think, the same may lend a helping hand to the cab-association of various countries as well.

Though this spy shot was taken when the test vehicle was Nurburgring, it seems the German carmaker had also deployed a fuel efficient trim of GLA in works. No doubt, B Class and A Class are being ridden as cabs in various markets; an addition to them will lend the carmaker to reach the mass numbers as well, which it is vying to get onto for the better competitive position than the Audi.

Mercedes GLA Spied Testing

‘Low emission’, ‘better fuel efficiency’ and ‘less maintenance cost’ may become its USP for garnering the sales when being rolled out. Ought to be done with the 1.5L diesel and front wheel traction, are some of the guesses made to consolidate us for now via this spy shot.

One can watch the action too in the posted video below.

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