Mercedes Benz has introduced 9 Speed gearbox

Mercedes Benz has come up with a new 9 speed auto transmission gear box which will be offered as standard equipment in the E 350 Blue Tec which is sold as diesel model in all the international markets. This 9 speed auto transmission gear box has been developed by the company and has been named as the “9G Tronic”.

E350 Blue Tec is a devoted member of the E class with classic performance and comfort characteristics. This Blue Tec has a V6 3 litre diesel engine which gives a power output of 210 bhp which is average. The magnificent part is its torque. The car is capable of producing a massive torque of 400 lb at just a 1600 rpm. The car’s fuel economy is also admirable with a 22 mpg within the city but reaching 33 mpg on the highways.

On the exterior, the body is endorsing more number of creases and hard edges. The interior is spacious enough to offer 5 occupants a great driving experience. The seats are highly comfortable. The interior keeps up with the image of an E class luxury sedan.

Mercedes Benz
The Blue Tec earlier had a 7 speed auto transmission termed as 7G tronic as a standard equipment on the car. Now this has been replaced by a new 9G tronic. This is a 9 speed auto transmission gear box. The inclusion of a 9 speed transmission is not adding to the car performance though. The E 350 Blue Tec still takes a total of 6.6 seconds to finish the transition from 0 kmph to 100 kmph. What has changed with the inclusion of 9G Tronic is the emission level of the car. The new gearbox along with improved start and off functions have made the car a lot more fuel efficient and has reduced its emissions considerably. It may be that now E 350 complies with the regulation laid down by EU6.

The car still continues to have other standard features like its 14 way adjustable front seats, power sun roof and its 7 inch touch screen infotainment system. Apart from this there are a lot of features which are optional. There are premium packages available as well which can add to the taste of luxury.

The 9G tronic is available on the E 350 Blue Tec with a rear wheel drive. This has been confirmed from the Mercedes- Benz website where the specifications for E 350 Blue Tec have been upgraded from 7G tronic to 9G tronic as standard. What’s surprising is that, until last week Mercedes Benz denied even the existence of a 9G Tronic gear box.

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