Mercedes-Benz India Posts 58% Growth in Half Yearly Sales for 2011

Mercedes-Benz India managed to maintain their strength in the markets during the first half of this year as well, as they announced they released their half yearly sales figure. The company managed to sell about 3,798 models from the period of January to June this year that accounts for a 58% growth in comparison to the corresponding period last year, when they managed to sell about 2,402 models.

The company also witnessed a 46% growth in sales, managing to sell a total of 565 units as against their June 2010 sales. Their segment leader flagship sedan C-Class continued with its popularity amassing sales of 1,746 models, an impressive growth of 88% for the company, in comparison to the Jan to June period last year, when it managed to sell a total of 928 units.

Meanwhile their Mercedes-Benz E-Class recorded an impressive growth of 25%, managing to sell about 1,328 models, in comparison to Jan to June 2010, when it sold 1059 models. Their popular SUV, ML-Class managed to sell 327 models in the firs 6 months of the year, an impressive growth of more than 250%, while the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class grew just as strongly with a growth of 102%, managing to sell about 97 units, in comparison to the corresponding period last year, when it sold about 48 units.

Last month was great for the company’s flagship model as it managed to record strong growth in sales of about 47%, selling 231 units last month, against June 2010’s 157 units. Their C-Class sold 231 units last month, a growth of 47% against June 2010’s 172 units. Their SUV line up, which comprises of their best selling GL-Class and ML-Class continued their great performance selling a total of 80 units last month, as against June 2010’s 21 units.

The company continued to concentrate on providing a huge range of products, providing best consumer value and ensuring a consistent world class after sales, vehicle ownership and sales experience as their strategy for this market.

These plans coupled with their aggressive launches of product and enhancement of network in smaller cities and towns has reinforced their strong performance in the Indian auto market this year, which they believe will be consistent throughout the year.

The company’s director of sales and marketing, Debashis Mitra, said that with their strong growth performance of 58% in the first half of the year, they are right on track and confident that they will end 2011 on an important note. He said that the upcoming six months would be exciting for them, as they have a number of launches planned in this market.

They are excited about their debut in F1 India this year in October. Over the years, they have set up a robust connection with their younger audience over the world. The wide reception of their products, whether it is their flagship sedan, their SUVs or brand shapers, reiterates their strong brand value and foot hold in the market with their customers.

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