Mercedes Benz Launches First Star Lounge in Delhi International Airport

Mercedes Benz is known for creating a luxury and lifestyle experience for its customers the world over. The luxury car manufacturer recently launched its first Star Lounge in Delhi International Airport, as part of their commitment in providing customers with an international buying experience, hospitality products and ambience.

Providing hospitality service and exclusive products, the new lounge will offer air travelers a new perspective of the Mercedes Benz world. The lounge will offer travelers a unique Mercedes Benz experience that includes a range of merchandise and products. This includes scale models of the company’s legendary vehicles, polo shirts, golfing items, key chains and other great accessories.

This concept will allow customers to enjoy the experience of luxury, and get a first hand feel of their products. To further authenticate this experience, the lounge will also display the Mercedes SLS AMG. Frequent fliers can also experience the brand via interactive brochures, books and kiosks, while owners of vehicles from the brand can indulge in the brand’s deluxe hospitality offered at their separate cafĂ©.

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