Mercedes Benz May Launch GLA Concept in India Against BMW X1 and Audi Q3

Mercedes Benz GLA Concept had been unveiled at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show recently, and since then it is on the verge of hype due to the lacking of product in that particular segment, which is now booming at in incredible rate in India as well abroad. The niche compact SUV range is majorly occupied by BMW since 2010 due to the launch of X1, then followed by Audi particularly Q3 in the same horizon. Only name left is Mercedes Benz that we seem may soon launch a one at near future. The GLA Concept of Shanghai fits perfectly in the trapezium of bespoken range. Moreover, we are not the only one who are saying this type of accolades but the top brass of Daimler’s child Eberhard H. Kern, MD and CEO of Mercedes Benz India echoed, “The GLA concept which was revealed at the Shanghai auto show recently can come to India to compete in this (entry-level) segment,” at the opening ceremony of a new showroom in Noida. There aren’t of the much concrete reports on the upcoming GLA but we hope this statement may help us a lot in coming days.

Well, these days, the soon going to launch A-Class is creating good amount of hype in India as being targeted to youths. Automaker too is having more expectation for this newbie, and even a contest is also run on Facebook and Twitter for the louder sounding promotional activities. Adding more to it, Kern said, “The youth as well as the women in India today are independent and are making decisions on their own. The A Class will surely satisfy their needs,” which means women are also in the list of its soft targets.

Mercedes Benz May Launch GLA
Taking a look at the A Class, one can say that it is a new segment in the industry and Mercedes Benz is an initial auto brand to crack down the dilemma of hatchback in a pricey manner. We think now the compact SUVs had taken over the league from hatchbacks, and MB seems to be a late entrant in the fight where some of the market shares are also in the favor of BMW’s MINI, as had been in India for quite long time and is also proving worth to the money value as well exclusivity.

Merc Benz GLA
Lest, the wait and watch mantra will keep momentum going and would also let us know what the future had stored in for us.

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