Mercedes Benz To Leverage F1 Tech Center For Future Powerplants

Mercedes Benz has confirmed that it will likely use its F1 engine facility for future road car engine development. The V6 F1 1.6 liter turbocharged hybrid engines designed and engineered by Mercedes AMG are made in the Brixworth (U.S.) plant and now, more road based engine development could begin there with the majority of F1 engine development completed.

Thomas Weber, Head of Development at Mercedes Benz said: “Following the launch of new engines, Formula One is now in a period where technological is frozen. Normally, we would have to look at reducing workforce in line with this cycle. It’s necessary because we have to reduce spending.” “Now with this really qualified team of engineers, I have some ideas to do some of the sophisticated engineering studies and development activities, and maybe also production of high end models. The reason we can lay this card is because Brixworth boss Andy Cowell reports direct to me.”

Mercedes Benz To Leverage F1 Tech Center For Future Powerplants

Most importantly, the Brixworth plant now has extensive expertise in the development of hybrid engines and consequently, this expertise could funnel down to future hybrid MB powerplants. The team there’s extremely skilled and was the driving force behind the electric powertrain for the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive.

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