Mercedes Benz to start assembling their SUV M Class and GL Class in India by early next year

Mercedes Benz facility situated at Chakan near Pune in the state of Maharahstra, India will commence assembling their two grand sport utility vehicles, M Class and GL Class by early next year.

German automaker, Daimler declared this together with their verdict to set up these very similar sport utility vehicles in both Thailand as well as Indonesia.

Mercedes Benz is in the course of making these three facilities for manufacture of their luxury sport utility vehicles.

Kits will be brought from Tuscaloosa in United States whereas the cars will be set u pin the vicinity. This will be for the initial time that Mercedes Benz will be setting up these sport utility vehicles outside of Tuscaloosa.

Mercedes Benz also stated that these semi knocked down kits comprise body and other constituents for the sport utility vehicle that will make unproblematic local assemblypossible.

In addition, engine and transmission systems will be brought from Mercedes Benz facility located in Stuttgart – Unterturkkheim.

Mercedes Benz M class

Mercedes Benz Pune based facility presently witnesses assemblage of their three well known sedans comprising C, E and S Class from their Pune plant whereas the luxury sport utility vehicles will launch from the coming year.

Both these SUVs are likely to yield a great deal of attention in these three markets of India, Indonesia and Thailand and therefore, the auto giant has determined to localize assembly in an attempt tomaintain costs to the minimum whereas also anticipating higher rate of growth plus share of market.

Daimler added that the obligatory preparations at the said three production sites in India, Thailand plus Indonesia are going forwardin a proper way.

Mercedes Benz GL class

Afterward in the year, final congregation of the M-Class utilizing SKD kits will begin there for the particular local market. The said kits for the sport utility vehiclesget imported from Tuscaloosa in the United States.

In the Indian market, at Mercedes Benz facility, presently C Class, E Class and S Class sedans get assembled.

Wolfgang N=Bernhard, Board Member, Daimler AG, stated that their novelsport utility vehicles are too popular with their clients.

Wolfgang also said that theyanticipateloftyrates of growth also in the rising market zones and, therefore, expandtheir local production.

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