Mercedes looks to regain number one crown

Close on the heels of the news regarding Mercedes Benz India Limited showing off record number of sales for January 2011, the German car maker has announced their intentions of regaining their number one position in the luxury car market in India. Dr Dieter Zetsche, Board of Management of Daimler AG Head and Chairman, was quoted as saying that he is proud that his co-workers in India are putting in their best efforts to put Mercedes back on the pedestal in the Indian luxury car market. Mercedes have been thrown from their number one position by fellow German luxury car manufacturer, BMW India.

This downslide for Mercedes happened in the year 2008 when BMW was in full swing with their Indian operations and were launching a market offensive. For January 2011, the company recorded a 58.81% increase in sales from the same time in 2009.An unlikely hope is been placed on the first Indian Formula One Race which would be conducted in India’s capital, Delhi.This is scheduled later on in 2011. Dr Dieter Zetsche has mentioned that once the event is over, which they are sure that Mercedes Benz Race car Silver Arrow will win, the sales of Mercedes cars in India would once again reach new heights. All we at Indiandrives can say is Amen to that.

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