March 29 2011, new Volkswagen Passat would be launched in India

Its finally decided that Volkswagen India would launch their new generation Volkswagen Passat in India next month. To be exact, the date is March 29 2011. As much as speculations that we have done about the new car in our earlier articles, the final outcome would be unveiled on the aforementioned date.

Speaking of the changes, the new car would share only 40 % of its components with the outgoing car. It is also about 4 mm longer than the old generation one. Styling has also been discussed earlier and the 2011 Passat would have a closer resemblance to the Volkswagen Phaeton. Engine speculations range around the current 1.8 Tsi or the very competent 2.0 Tdi. The company is believed to offer both the DSG as well as the manual transmission options. As always, prices would be higher than that of the old one.

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