Mini Clubvan concept revealed ahead of Geneva

BMW AG’s baby unit, Mini said it will unveil the concept vehicle, Clubvan at the Geneva Motor Show due next month.

The Clubman went on sale five years back, and the Clubvan is essentially based on this stretched version of Mini, but with opaque panels replacing the Clubman’s rear side windows.

A more commercial Mini, with two seats and an expanded load carrying area, the Clubvan targets customers seeking compact van with lots of room to carry load.

Mini Clubvan concept revealed ahead of GenevaThe classic Mini Cooper went on sales during the late 50’s; and there were demands for a more spacious version after its hauling success. This brought in production, the Morris Mini Van, a more sophisticated vehicle with separate cargo compartment, split rear doors and a wheelbase stretched almost four inches. The resultant platform, some thoughtful refinement and more investment in R&D, gave birth to the Clubman.

Mini Clubvan concept revealed ahead of Geneva

Following the traits of the Clubman, this Clubvan concept has two front doors, a rear-hinged side door on the right and two rear doors for cargo. The interior seeks receives some task-specific refinement as well. A load barrier blocks the rear from the front, with a chassis-mounted cage keeping the driver isolated from the cargo bay. The rear load bay is also modified with flat surfaces on floor and ceiling while keeping the sides rounded. Straps and retainers are provided into the floor and ceiling for securing the goods into the van.

The attention to these details is what makes the Clubvan a more superior vehicle over the less task-specific Clubman. We have seen panel truck versions before, from Chrysler and Chevrolet, and the Mini Clubvan is soon to join the family.

Mini Clubvan concept revealed ahead of Geneva

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