MINI Launched New App To Control GoPro Cameras While Travelling

Lights, Camera and Action, are the three magical words which the MINI had never shied away from. Added with more advancement on it, a new app launched by BMW-acquired-English brand enables the owners to control their GoPro cameras mounted on MINI from inside the cabin while on move.

Named as MINI Connected – this app enables GoPro cameras to start shooting videos or click photographs while travelling – intuitively, conveniently and safely. Owners of an Apple iPhone can download the new MINI Connected ready App free of charge from the Apple App store as of June 2014.

With this app, MINI becomes the first automobile in the world whose operating system can be used to control GoPro cameras. The car has to be fitted with the Radio MINI Visual Boost, the MINI navigation system or the Professional navigation system, and it must also have the MINI Connected option.

MINI Launched New App To Control GoPro Cameras While Travelling

The Apple iPhone remains the main source of connection throughout the process of clicking images or shooting videos. The signal exchange of phone with the GoPro camera is ensured by means of a WLAN connection, and with the same connection owners are enabled to capture the moments and motions with ease.

The app is smart enough enabling the driver to choose a menu on the on-board computer and also set the shooting mode apart from operating the start and stop function of the camera.

Various modes and options are given to get a perfect shot every time. The twisting turns at night or a broad highway next to sea in the daylight, both can become a beautiful pick.

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