Mitsubishi Ecocar might make its way to India

Recently at the Bangkok Motor Show, Mitsubishi revealed its fuel efficient small car known as Ecocar and the response which the car got was good enough to make Mitsubishi consider launching it in the Indian market, which is presently considered amongst one of the world’s most thriving automobile markets and a hub for manufacturers of small segment hatchback cars. Before this, India has never seen a hatchback segment car on its roads and thus now Mitsubishi is considering India as a profitable market for the launch of their segment of car as the prices of fuel in India has been skyrocketing since a while now and thus more and more people are going for fuel-efficient cars rather than the cars which give less mileage.

The 1.2 Litre hatchback by Mitsubishi has all the features that should be there in a hatchback and thus now Mitsubishi is considering its prospects of launching the car in the right provinces at the right time so that the demand of the car can be high enough. The demand for hatchbacks has always been good in India owing to the fact that a large percentage of the Indian population consists of middle-class families who prefer to buy a low-cost hatchback for themselves rather than going for high-end sedans or SUVs. The first look of the car was released at the Geneva Motor Show last year in March and the car is also known as Mirage Ecocar. The prime features of the car are its optimum and highly efficient manoeuvrability and have all the features that are there in a compact hatchback car. The car is spacious and has the capacity to accommodate at least five healthy people comfortably and the interiors as well as the exteriors of the car are praiseworthy.

Mitsubishi Ecocar might make its way to India

The ergonomics of the car have also been taken into serious consideration as Mitsubishi wanted to build a car that can be accepted by everyone in terms of its looks, ergonomics as well as the efficiency of fuel. Mirage Ecocar is said to be powered by a 1.2 L Petrol engine that has the ability to give a sufficient amount of power as well as torque which is impressive in its league of hatchbacks. The mileage given by the car will be 20 Km/L which is good if compared with the other hatchbacks of its league.

Masahiko Ueki who is the corporate GM as well as the executive officer of Mitsubishi Asia has expressed interest in having a manufacturing unit operational in India but it will happen only after the company foresees Malaysia as well as Indonesia both of which are considered as thriving markets just like India. Thus launching such a car in India will surely bring a lot of demand for the car and thus will help Mitsubishi establish a stronghold over the automobile market in India following the launch of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport which has already started generating waves in the SUV market owing to its design as well as ergonomics.

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