Mitsubishi Rumoured To Launch Delica MPV And Attrage Sedan In India

As Mitsubishi has nothing exciting to offer its buyers, flowing models from international repertoire to India may help it to become exciting at least for the audience to look out for more models into its boredom-annexed brochure on the sales floor. Speculated of bringing number of them till the next year, still no one had found a perfect trace on that grey scape of the brand’s planning for India. However, now in a toned down manner, a source of industry revealed Mitsubishi of launching a Delica MPV and Attrage sedan in India during the next three to four years. Once again, with such a long gap from now this piece of news, expectations can be said of losing hope over the positive vicinity.

Reportedly, the Delica MPV when launch will be a strict rival to the Toyota Innova with prices expected to fling in between Rs 15-20 lakh. Presently, the MPV Is being produced in countries like Indonesia, but for India the model will see a local production to keep the cost in check. Speaking about Delica, Mr. P Vijayan, CEO of HMFCL confirmed to a source, the company needs to work hard for getting the boxes ticked right on localization and setting the prices. Initially, 15-20% localization is speculated, but later on the ratio will move to 30-40%. Right now, the plans are on the evaluation stage and the feasibility is being studied, where the aforesaid decisions taken may be changed over depending upon the results of hardcore research during coming years.

Mitsubishi Rumoured To Launch Delica MPV And Attrage Sedan In India

Even earlier the company laid confirmation of battling the competition with its five new models for the India, where it included Mirage hatchback as well, which is certainly dropped off by the bosses seeing to stiff competition in the market by others.

Moving to Attrage, the sedan, Mitsubishi sounds feasibility of rolling out in India during 2017. Further stating his comments for this, Mr. Vijayan said, studies are underway and decision is still pending. The diesel trim sells more in India, where Attrage posing no exception to this trend will be housing the same powrplant in its bay. Currently, during 2015, efforts are on the verge of launching the new versions of SUVs like Outlander and Montero in petrol engine options, both given with manual as well automatic transmission. Then, adding diesel to them will be worked out next year, said the source.

Though, whatever may be cooking inside the closet of Mitsubishi, we suggest them to hustle up before the customer at its bay dies away of hunger.

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