Mitsubishi’s Cheapest Car in 2012 for India

‘Mum’s’ the word for the Mitsubishi Motors for their all new small hatchback car  but we already know that the inauguration of Mitsubishi manufacturing plant in Thailand has one more thing in store for the Mitsubishi aficionados. Since the sketches of the all new small car from Mitsubishi is floating everywhere on internet we are sure that this car is going to come to the Indian shores very soon.  For your information it is supposed to be the cheapest car internationally. This volume segment contender will compete straight against the Maruti Swift and the Honda Brio.

Though much is not disclosed about the car not even the name of the car (I hope now you don’t mind us saying the all new hatch back car) but one thing that’s been (officially) said about this car is that this car will be available in two engine types the 1.0 Litre and 1.2 Litre petrol engine. Rest of the details are still well hidden under the shade of this manufacturing plant and which will be known until the company makes an official announcement. This car is expected to come by the next one year, which is by the mid 2012. This car will be exported right from the manufacturing plant. Though, the jet fighter grille will be sorely missed but then its good riddance from the brands current image and ethos.

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