M&M Renames Logan ‘Verito’, Drops Renault Motif

India’s utility manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra, partnership with French auto company Renault, to gain ground in the Indian sedan market with the Logan, ended last year. Now Renault which has different independent plans for itself, sold its brand to Mahindra and Mahindra.

M&M will now finally be introducing Logan albeit under a different moniker. The Logan has now been renamed as the Verito, which means truth in Latin. This is in reflection of M&M’s obsession of naming its vehicles with ‘O’ ending letters.

According to reports from the company, M&M announced that Logan would now be named as Verito. This sedan will also sport Mahindra’s emblem and badge. The company has, however, not yet specified whether the sedan would now be priced differently.

The Logan is at present, available in diesel as well as petrol variants, with its ex-showroom price ranging from Rs 4.67 lakh to Rs 6.47 lakh, according to their website. After M&M’s partnership with Renault ended, sales did go up, but this was largely due to M&M decreasing its price and the fact that it was re-positioned as saloon for the entry-level segment.

Till now, however, the Logan was sold with Renault’s Lozenge displayed on the saloon’s nose. Mahindra will now change this, as Verito gets ready for sale soon. The Logan will now be devoid any Renault’s branding. Mahindra has taken steps to upgrade Verito’s appeal and image without making any extensive changes.

The Verito will now boast of a sporty cladding on the side as well as re-designed rearview windows. Mahindra is also planning a version of the saloon model below 4 meter; however, the debut of the Verito will not include any important structural and mechanical changes.

This means, that its earlier spacious boot will stay put. Mahindra is currently working on reducing costs and increasing localisation. The below four meter version, can be expected in the latter part of 2011.

Reports last April, stated that Renault and M&M were parting ways from Mahindra Renault Pvt. Ltd., which was formed in the year 2005 for producing and selling Logan here as the sedan did not live up to consumer expectations. The French company, however, has agreed to lend support to the Logan and M&M by a license agreement as well as supplying key parts, including transmission and engine.

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