More details on Volkswagen Upcoming Budget Brand Emerges

As of in the recent scenario, Volkswagen was reported of to be developing the budget brand for upcoming markets. Now, the more details of said has surfaced on internet.

Volkswagen UP is the entry-level car of Volkswagen in most of the markets, while for some it maybe driving something else when on budget depending upon their market requirements. Apparently, the German carmaker doesn’t thinks that those existing vehicles is enough to cater the rising demand audience, who are tend to fall in developing nations mostly.

Confirming additional lump of the news on its recently hyped upocoming budget brand, newly hired Volkswagen’s R&D Head Heinz-Jakob Neusser, confirmed, the brand will launch cars, vans and crossovers that will compete majorly against Renault’s Dacia (Duster) and Nissan Datsun soon.

Volkswagen Up
“We are still working on the cost side. What’s clear is that we will only make this car if it meets our standards on safety, ride, handling, comfort and so on – and that it can be made profitably. It must be durable, precise and meet all the quality standards people expect from us,” said the executive.

Mr. Neusser also cued that this new budget brand will make its official unveiling by next year. And the organization will seek a helping hand from the other partners of its entity, which means some joint ventures to be there in the pipeline. Hope so, the base of new cars to be built by Germans in their own country, while the rest of the designing work will be carried out by one of the VW’s (JV) partners in China.

“More details about Volkswagen’s upcoming low-cost lineup will trickle out over the coming months, but don’t look for the cars to land in U.S. showrooms as they will be exclusively distributed in emerging markets located in Latin America and Asia”, said Heinz-Jakob Neusser.

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